Campus Security Authority (CSA) Checklist

For Responding to a Report of Sexual Assault

In the event that someone tells you that they have survived rape, sexual assault or another form of sexualized violence, it is important to remember that you can be a link in the healing process and an effective ally to the survivor without assuming full responsibility for every step of the recovery process.

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are defined by HSU as officials who have "significant responsibility for student and campus activities [as well as]…the authority and the duty to take action…on behalf of the institution." For a complete list of HSU employees designated as CSAs, please see the Definitions Page

CSAs are required by CSU policy to abide by certain guidelines when responding to a report of sexual assault. This checklist is designed to help CSAs follow the University Protocol for responding to reports of sexual assault. In the event that a student, colleague, or other member of the campus community discloses to you having survived a sexual assault, you can print this checklist and share the information with the survivor as you cover these steps together.

    1. Ensure the survivor that you will protect their anonymity if the survivor wishes to remain anonymous.
    2. Explain that you are a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and, due to the Clery Act, you are required to make an anonymous report of the sexual assault. Explain that you will report only the general date and location of the incident of sexual assault to the HSU Police Department for statistical records. This report will not include any personal information of the survivor.
    3. Explain the availability of the North Coast Rape Crisis Team: the NCRCT is available 24 hours a day at (707) 445-2881. NCRCT staff is trained to help survivors navigate options for medical services, SART exams, reporting or filing a complaint, as well as housing and academic accommodations. They also provide and/or make referrals for peer-support groups and/or private counseling.

After speaking with someone about experiencing a sexual assault, you are welcome to call the NCRCT to address your own feelings or concerns as well as to discuss in more detail how to be an effective ally to a survivor of sexual assault. HSU's Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) also has a 24 hour hotline at (707) 826-3236.

  1. Ask the survivor if they would like to schedule a follow-up time to talk with you.
  2. File the anonymous report by calling the HSU Police Department at (707) 826-5555 and providing the approximate date, time and type of violence. If the survivor wishes to remain anonymous, be sure to protect their anonymity.

A copy of this checklist is available for download and use by CSAs to keep track of the process.