Filing an Anonymous Police Report

  • Anonymous reports exist for the purpose of collecting statistical information that can increase awareness of the number of incidents of sexual assault that occur on campus.
  • Anonymous reports will not initiate a police investigation. Due to anonymity, UPD cannot follow up with the survivor or offer services.
  • The identity of the survivor will not be known to UPD and the suspect will not be notified that a report was filed.
  • To file an anonymous report, you can contact the HSU Police Department in the following ways:
  • Electronically, by clicking on the Anonymous Tips link;
  • By mail at:
    University Police
    1 Harpst St
    Arcata, CA 95521
  • Via email:;
  • Making an on-campus phone call to 9-1-1, if you are reporting a current emergency;
  • Calling the UPD business line: (707) 826-5555
  • To file an anonymous report with a local law enforcement agency, you can call the office and let them know that an incident of sexual assault or rape occurred.