Activism to End Sexualized Violence

There are many campus and community events that work to end sexualized violence. The extent to which our community involves itself in these events largely determines their success. Below you will find information on annual events, both on the HSU campus and in the community. Please see the calendar on the left sidebar for the most current information on upcoming events.

The Consent Project

An annual Fall event, the Consent Project began in 2010 at Humboldt State University. The Consent Project is a space to recognize and honor survivors of sexualized violence of all genders. The event includes a space for survivors and allies to talk about how violence has affected them, as well as feature community resources and interactive art projects to deconstruct our ideas of gender and sexualized violence. Contact Mary Sue Savage for more information, (707) 826-5235.

Act to End Sexualized Violence I

In the fall semester, the 1-unit course "Act to End Sexualized Violence" is offered. Everyone is encouraged to enroll! 

"Act to End Sexualized Violence" was built out of student activism and addresses sexualized violence not just as an individual act, but as part of a rape-supportive culture. Sexualized violence affects everyone. This is a chance for students from all different majors and departments to take part in critical discussions about violence, accountability, healing, and supporting survivors. There will also be a component of the class focused on taking action to end sexualized violence. Contact Kim Berry for more information.

Act to End Sexualized Violence II

In the spring semester, Humboldt State University offers the 3-unit course, "Act to End Sexualized Violence II." This is the course designated for training peer educators. Students will complete background readings on prevention education and sexualized violence and develop the curriculum for peer education on sexualized violence prevention; the course will also work to build group facilitation and active listening skills. Qualified students will be eligible to receive internship credit for their work as peer educators the following semester. Contact Kim Berry for more information.